Social Media Portfolio

Leveraging my expertise in digital media, ethical considerations, global values, and media literacy, my aspiration to excel as a social media marketer has transformed into a tangible reality. My comprehensive understanding of diverse social media platforms, adept communication skills, and content creation proficiency sets me apart from others, positioning me favorably for career success.

Driven by a profound interest in social media, I am both excited and honored to contribute to this pivotal industry that plays an increasingly significant role in our world. My approach is characterized by a blend of creativity and diligence, allowing me to strategically tackle challenges while drawing upon my knowledge and skills, all while maintaining a high level of enthusiasm. Proficiency across a range of social media platforms empowers me to creatively market and effectively convey messages. The realm of social media remains a personal passion, one that I am determined to refine and perfect.

This page will serve as a showcase for my constantly expanding portfolio of created content.


Most Recent to Oldest

Help for Kids

Assorted social media posts and calls-to-action for donations

Printed posters and promotional graphics

Various informational brochures outlining programs and services

Event-related postcards and informative handouts

6' x 2' physical banners for larger events

Organic Juice Barn

Promotional social media posts and inspirational quotes

Printed posters and health & lifestyle informational flyers


Social media posts related to campus events and happenings

SGA Behind the Scenes .mp4

Behind the Scenes of SGA at Nichols College Video

GPS 4+1.mp4

Nichols College GPS 4+1 Program Video